Serger Zip Bag- Simply Serge It!

This is a great little bag that can be stitched up in a jiffy!  Once you've mastered this size, you can experiment with other sizes.  The secret is in the zipper.  This project uses a size 4.5 zipper which is slightly larger than the zipper that is used in garments.  I hope you enjoy this project!


Serger Zip Bag

Erica Doyle, 2021
The Sewin'Asylum



¼ yard or fat quarters of two cotton fabrics (one will be outside of bag, the other the bag lining)

¼ yard of fusible fleece

One 24 inch size 4.5 zipper. *this is a “non-standard” zipper that has a wider edge, making it perfect when sewing with the serger

washaway fabric pen

*one package of Wonder Tape by Dritz is very helpful



Outside Fabric: cut one 9” by 22”

Lining Fabric:  cut one 9” by 22”

Fusible Fleece: cut one 8.5” by 21.5”

Handle: using fabric of your choice, cut one 3” by 14” strip 

Preparing the fabric

Fuse the fleece to the outside fabric, center the fleece so there’s ¼ “ of fabric around the perimeter of the piece that has no fleece.

Serger set up:

4 thread basic stitch

3mm stitch length


Mark with washaway pen the top side of the zipper on both sides of the zipper tape.  This side will be referred to as the “right side of the zipper”.

Cut off zipper stop and remove the zipper pull

 Starting to sew:

  • Lay the outside fabric right side up
  • Run a strip of Wonder Tape along the zipper tape, following the edge opposite the zipper teeth (on side marked with washaway marker) and pull the paper backing to reveal the sticky side.  Then stick the zipper to the long edge of the outside fabric (the teeth of the zipper will be down and the tape of the zipper will be running along the raw edge of the fabric)

  • Place lining right side down (the zipper is now sandwiched between the layers)
  • Serge the long edge, just shaving a bit off the fabric, but not cutting into the fabric.

  • Bring outside fabric around, revealing the zipper.  Press the fabric flat.
  • Set this aside and take the 3” by 14” strip for the handle, fold in half lengthwise with the WRONG sides together.  Serge down both long edges.
  • Fold strap in half and pin in place on the outside.

  • Now it’s time to add the zipper pull, there are instructions, but I’ve also included a link to a video by “By Annie”
  • With the lining sides of the bag facing each other, bring the zipper teeth together. 


  • Part of the zipper teeth are cut off as shown, slide the pull onto the right side.  I used the left side that has a “tail” and pull it as the zipper pull is lined up with the zipper teeth.
  • Once the zipper pull is attached, pull to half-way on the bag. 

  • Turn to have the lining facing out and the outside of the bag is inside
  • Lay flat and trim up the edges if necessary to make the side and bottom even.
  • Serge across the bottom, trimming off approximately ½ inch as you are stitching.  Leave the thread tails hanging

  • To serge the remaining side, start at the bottom and serge up to the zipper.  Make sure the zipper end is even.  Serge trimming approximately ½ inch off.  As you approach the zipper, take it SLOW.  I turned the handwheel manually stitching over the end of the zipper.  Take two stitches off the end and raise the presser foot.  Flip over the bag and then “run over” where you’ve previously stitched, locking in the stitches.(pics below show the steps)


  • Turn right sides out and you’re done!



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