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Keep it Round Bookmark

Erica Doyle, The Sewin’Asylum  2020

Keep your place and keep your pens handy with this elasticized wrap.  A handy pocket keeps your pens and pencils in place.



13 inches of two-inch wide elastic (or use two pieces of one-inch braided elastic stitched together with a running zig-zag) 

  • 2 pieces cut 3 by 9 inches identified as piece #1 and piece #2
  • One piece cut 4 by 10 inches for the pocket


*seam allowance 3/8 inch/ 1cm  For most machines this means guide the fabric on the edge of your presser foot.


  • Fold pocket wrong sides together and press.  Pocket now will measure 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall.  *at this time this is when you will want to add any decorative stitching or embellishments. 
  • Lay piece #1 right side facing up
  • Place pocket on top, lining up bottom edge and left side.  Sew in place on left side

  • Align the pocket up with the right side and sew along right side

  • Lay piece #2 face down and sew down both long sides


    • Slide elastic through all layers and stitch the top edge closed


      • Turn right sides out

        • Take opposite side of elastic and slip through the pocket, line up the edges and wrap pocket edges around and sew.

        • Flip pocket around and sew

        • Topstitch two lines of stitching through the pocket and voila! Your project is complete!

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