Learning to Sew...adults or children

Are you ready to sew?  Whether your learning from scratch or your coming back after a hiatus, we are here to teach you to sew, or sew better.

The first class, "Intro to Sew" teaches how to use the sewing machine.  If sewing is new to you or you have a machine you're not familiar with, we are here to teach you regardless of make, model or age of the machine. Our "Intro to Sew" schedule is here for adults.

For more information about our classes for children go here.

Once you have been trained on how to use the sewing machine, you have many choices of classes to choose from.  Go to the adult sewing page and you can choose specific class such as the apron or zip pouch class, or work on a project of your choosing in the "Sewing Lab". 

Do you want to learn how to quilt?  We have an excellent series called "3-yard Quilt".  In this class you'll learn how to choose your colors, properly use the rotary cutter and rulers, stitch up your blocks, assemble and quilt a lap-size quilt.  You'll soon find that quilting is quite addicting and you're dreaming up your next quilt before you've completed the one you're working on.  For dates and times, and to see our quilts click here