Sewing Classes for Children

Let's Learn to Sew!

Sewing gives individuals an opportunity to be creative, problem-solve, and learn new things.  When a child learns a new skill, they express joy and confidence.  In this world we live in, sewing creates an opportunity to recycle, be self-reliant, and be bold.  Let your child experience his or her creativity while sewing clothing, crafts, or quilts.  We provide them the experience to learn something new while encouraging a growth mind-set and utilizing math-skills.

The first class is the Intro to Sew class where the student will learn how to use the sewing machine.  This is a semi-private lesson and the student will learn on his or her own machine.  If the student doesn't own a machine, we teach on our classroom machine, the EverSewn 25.  The first lesson lasts roughly 90 minutes to two hours where the skills of threading the machine, winding the bobbin, defining what all the knobs, levers, buttons, and parts of the machine are, sewing out stitch samples, and then we round it all up, applying the skills learned while sewing samples, and the student will sew a small draw-string bag.  All materials are included in the class fee of $75.

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After the student completes the "Intro to Sew" class there are many classes available for the students to choose from.  A full list of classes for children can be found here.  There are project specific classes and our signature class, The Sewing Lab is described below:

The Sewing Lab is designed for students to work on individual projects while developing their skills.  The student can choose for their first project, either a pillowcase or a pair of elastic waist shorts or pants.  This is where the student will learn how to work with a sewing pattern, how to follow instructions, and the various techniques to sewing. *Materials are not included in the monthly tuition. Once the first project is complete the student is guided to projects that will help build on their skills.  Sign up here