Class Notes- Sewing 201

blind hem buttonhole zippers

Sewing Machine 201 notes

In the Sewing 201 class we are learning how to use the zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and blind hem foot that typically are standard feet included in the purchase of the sewing machine.  In this class we not only showed the basic operation of the presser feet, but included additional ways of using those feet. 

The following links are posts that I found online to demonstrate what we did in class.

Blind-hem foot


How to Do More With Your Blind-hem Foot – Student Designer (


How to Do More With Your Blind-hem Foot! Part Two: Top-stitching/Edge-stitching and Pin-tucks – Student Designer (

16_120_blindhem_stitch.qxp (

Zipper foot:  The link below is to show how to use the zipper foot to install piping 

11_305_piping.qxp (




Buttonhole foot

Layout 1 (


A wealth of sewing information can be found here:

SEW-lutions guidelines for sewing

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