Kids Sewing Lab December KL1223

Kids Sewing Lab December KL1223

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Kids’ Sewing Lab Once the students have completed the Intro to Sew class, the next step is the Sewing Lab.  This is an opportunity for students 7 years old and older, to work on individual projects.  All students in this program begin with a simple project based on their individual skill level.  Projects include a pillow case, or elastic waist shorts/pants.  After completing the initial project, the students will work on projects that increase their knowledge and skills of sewing.  The students will work with commercial patterns and learn the terminology and techniques required to successfully complete a project.  

Tuition:  $85 *Register early and save $10

(cost of materials will vary depending on the project of the student’s choosing).

*Prior to taking any of the following classes, the students must complete an “Intro to Sew” class or have a knowledge of how to thread the sewing machine and wind a bobbin.

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